Occupying Everything

Fingers flitted upward and approvingly in the Bay Area cool and voices echoed, echoed outward. For lack of a bullhorn there was a People’s Mic, and just because everyone has a voice doesn’t mean we can’t use our hands as well. Deep into the mid-night and still there was an electric buzz in the air.

It was gorgeous.

Truth be told, I’m a little bit of a protest junkie; protests have this fantastic way of bringing a lot of different, excited people together.What I’m learning from the Occupy Movements, though, is that it’s very, very possible to channel the sum total of a world’s dissatisfaction, and facilitate that — democratically, even — into fruition and production. I left deeply impressed by the sort of patience and solidarity that is generated when a cause captures that deep-down desire  we all share to be, beyond ourselves; identified with a grander, more worthy thing than we each can be.

Let me ask you this: what makes you want to be patient, excited, idealistic, and hopeful all at the same time? Is there a movement that makes you want to give of yourself – effectively decreasing your own, singular identity – so that the larger body can grow and gain from you? What lights you up, stretches your ambitions, and makes you hungry for more?

I thought about these questions as I walked home to a house-full of girls who profess a Christianity of correlating answers. And I thought about the Cal Christian community in general. In the current economic crisis, many in the world have found a cause in which to share, and people who understand their frustrations. But if we, as Christians, claim a Christ that is even more fundamentally universal than the problems of economic inequality, well… what are we doing about it?

Credit: dailycal.org



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